Small Fire Forged Steel Greataxe

weapon (melee)



Martial Two Handed Melee Weapon

MaterialFire-Forged Steel

Enhance Bonus – +1

Damage – 1d10*

Critical – x3

Weight – 6 lbs.

Size – Small

Type – Slash

Special – If the weapon is exposed to 10 points or more of fire damage (such as from an opponent’s fireball or by holding it in a campfire for 1 full round), the weapon adds +1d4 points of fire damage to its attacks for the next 2 rounds. This bonus damage does not stack with fire damage from weapon enhancements such as flaming.


Hulon was a rather naive Halfling. He spent his entire life’s earnings on a greataxe to go out adventuring like he heard the bards sing about in the tavern. He wanted glory. He wanted fame. Mostly he wanted to be chin deep in pretty lady bits, and figured adventuring to be a surefire way to do so.

On his first outing with his new equipment, Hulon stumbled across a cave with Goblins and was quickly and horrifyingly ripped to shreds. The Goblin chief of the tribe, Gru’zul, took the greataxe as his trophy. He was quickly bludgeoned over the head with a heavy rock. As Gru’zul’s brains spilled out onto the cave floor, the new tribe chief, Grunk’nash, took the greataxe as her own. She also made sure to kill the next three strongest Goblins around her to ensure she wouldn’t be bludgeoned with a heavy rock herself. This seemed to get the message across.

Grunk’nash soon gave birth to her litter. The pups were placed into the birthing cages and ignored, as is Goblin tradition. When Grunk’nash returned to check on her litter she found that the pups had turned to cannibalism in order to survive. The only pup to remain was a rather ugly Gob-litt, even by Goblin standards. He was named Grog’nad and then promptly ignored once again.

Soon the tribe faced extinction, as there was little food and most of the Goblins had turned to cannibalism. Grunk’nash fought off most of her would be dispatchers, but didn’t notice Grog’nad, who had climbed the ceiling and dropped on her from above with a heavy rock. As her vision blurred and her life faded away, she smiled as she watched Grog’nad pick up the greataxe and turn to his fellow Goblin tribesman with a fervent hunger.


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