Altered Material

Note: The following list currently includes items from the core rulebook only. As a general rule, any teleportation spells or items, spells or items that create extradimensional spaces, spells or items that raise dead characters, or spells or items that create food are disallowed.


Remove the spells dimension door, maze, plane shift, refuge, teleport, teleport (greater), teleport object, teleportation circle, transport via plants, tree stride, and word of recall

Remove the spells mage’s magnificent mansion and rope trick

Remove the spells reincarnate, raise dead, resurrection, and true resurrection

Remove the spells limited wish, wish, and miracle

Remove the spells create food and water, create water, heroes’ feast, major creation, and minor creation

Change the fabricate spell level to sorcerer/wizard 3 and the range to touch. Remove the material component; instead, the spell targets the material to be altered, and attended and magical items can attempt Fortitude saving throws to negate the effect. The fabricate spell can affect magic items.

Magic Items

Remove the items bag of holding, handy haversack, and portable hole

Remove the items boots of teleportation and helm of teleportation

Altered Material

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