Fate Attribute


>> In addition to the standard six attributes, each character possesses a seventh special attribute called Fate. Whether simply destiny or simply luck, fate represents how likely things are to go the character’s way. Characters with high fate scores tend to have good luck in games of chance, and can accomplish feats beyond their normal ability.
>> The fate attribute is determined the same way as the six mental & physical attributes, and can be modified by any effect that could affect an attribute. For all purposes, it is treated as a seventh ability score.

Fate Points
>> Characters possess a number of fate points that can be used to increase a die roll or avoid death, collectively referred to as the characters fate pool. A characters maximum fate pool is equal to 1 + his or her fate modifier (minimum of 0), and increases by +1 at levels 6 and every five levels thereafter (2 + fate modifier at 6th, 3 + fate modifier at 11th, etc).

Using Fate
>> Spending fate points is a free action that can be performed at any time, up to once per round. To spend a fate point, the player declares the desired use, and reduces his or her current fate pool by one (characters cannot spend fate points they do not possess). Used fate points are recovered the next day.

Increasing a Check
>> Whenever the character makes a 1d20 roll (attack roll, saving throw, skill check, ability check, etc), he or she may spend a fate point to increase the final result by 1d6. The decision to use fate to modify a roll can be made after the results of the roll are revealed, but must be done before any other action takes place (the characters or another’s).
>> Starting at level 8, whenever the character uses fate to modify a d20 roll, the player rolls 2d6, and applies the higher of the two to the roll. At level 15, this increases to 3d6, using the highest.

Avoiding Death
>> Whenever a character dies, they may spend a fate point to avoid their death. Instead, they are reduced to negative hit points equal to one less than their constitution modifier (one away from dying), but are unconscious and stable.
>> Using fate in this way strains the forces keeping them alive, and the character’s fate attribute is reduced by 2. This penalty cannot be removed in any way, but recovers naturally at a rate of 1 per lunar month.

New Feats

Abundant Luck
Prerequisite: Lucky // Destined
Benefit: You may spend fate points twice per round, but never on the same 1d20 check.

Lucky // Destined
Prerequisite: Fate 13
Benefit: Increase your maximum fate pool by 2.

Fate Attribute

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