Game Mechanics

Ranged Weapons

Characters add their Dexterity modifier to attacks made with projectile weapons (bows, crossbows, firearms, etc.).

Composite bows do not possess a strength rating. Instead, their critical threat profile is 19-20/x3 and they require a minimum strength of 13. If a character does not meet the strength requirement, they take a -2 penalty on attack rolls (in addition to any from a low strength score) and they have a maximum of 1 range increment.

Remove the ‘rapid shot’ and ‘point blank shot’ feats.

One-handed Weapons

Characters wielding a one-handed weapon and nothing in the off hand take a -2 penalty to attack rolls while fighting defensively instead of the normal -4.

Two-weapon Fighting

Reduce the dexterity requirement for two-weapon fighting to 13. Additionally, the ‘two-weapon fighting’, ‘improved two-weapon fighting’, and ‘greater two-weapon fighting’ feats have been merged; players with ‘two-weapon fighting’ feat gain the benefits of the improved and greater versions when they meet the base attack requirements.

Precision Damage

Precision based damage (such as sneak attack) has a range of one range increment when used with a ranged weapon instead of the standard 30 feet. Any effect that increases precision range by 10’ increments (such as the sniper rogue archetype) instead increases the range by one range increment.

Game Mechanics

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