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Aila-Ulni – Accomplished thief from the shadow realm, she uses magic to enhance her potency.
Bordo-Smallburrow – Well intentioned halfling who enjoys the thrill of adventure and, more importantly, shinies.
Valeria – Sister to Olev, an opportunistic mercenary who will do anything if the price is right.
Olev: Valeria’s brother, a man of great pride and honor, has joined his sister in her endeavors, more to protect her than anything else.
Grog’nad The Barbarian – Violent and off-putting, the goblin was once rescued by Aila and his since sworn a life oath to her and follows her wherever she goes.

Building the party

Thieves of a feather
Goblins are people too, unfortunately
Siblings of Silver



House Rules and Custom Content

Fate Attribute
Character Generation & Advancement
Game Mechanics
Altered Material
Hexblade class

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Main Page

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